• Art Material Dictionary: Learn what everything's made with!

    Art Material Dictionary: Learn what everything's made with!

    We thought it’d be helpful to share a little more description as to what an artist means when they say their work is made of this and that (since we know art can be a foreign language sometimes)! I myself am not above a good Google! Let us know if there's another material or technique you'd like to learn about! What everything goes on...
  • Everyday Inspiration

    Everyday Inspiration

    Everyday Objects Bringing Joy! Random Fun for your perusal.  Photo Credits:Lego Head InstructionHomer EscalatorCookie MonsterMailboxCat: Unknown, Please Share!   art museum cincinnati cincinnati art museum cincinnati arts museum cincinnati museum of art museum cincinnati art academy of cincinnati cincinnati art academy cincinnati art contemporary art center cincinnati contemporary arts center cincinnati art gallery cincinnati cincinnati art galleries cincinnati contemporary art museum contemporary art museum...
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