The goal of the Seven Hills Art Website is to connect artists under one umbrella creating a greater commercial impact to support artists’ individual pursuits. We provide the backing of a team dedicated to driving traffic to your site page, managing your store, and ensuring your work is presented professionally to a wider audience.

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The more participating artists, the more traffic and cross-pollination of consumers can occur. While you always have the ability to share your unique page link, to stand on your own, you now have the ability to be easily seen by your peer’s followers. If someone came to buy a painting from one artist and they see your work next to it, they may learn that they love what you do as well!

Packages Available:

25% administrative check-out fee

5 Pieces in Store

Useful For:
Artists building or enhancing their web presence.
20% administrative check-out fee

Unlimited Pieces in Store

​Useful for:

Artists looking for a simple, reliable online option. 
Gallery Package:
15% administrative check-out fee

Unlimited Pieces in Store
Featured Artist Gallery Page

​Useful for:
Artists who also want to have a personal home location to feature themselves (Past Work, CV, Bio, Statement). ​

Subscription Payment Options:

  • Artists can pay the subscription fees either monthly or yearly.
  • Yearly subscribers will get one month free.
  • Invoices for the upcoming month will be sent on the 20th of the prior month to the artist via email.

Taxes and Shipping:

  • Sales Tax will be added to all work that is sold on the site and paid directly to the artist.
  • Sales Tax will be calculated based on the delivery destination of the artwork.
  • Artists can choose shipping, pickup or both options for their artwork. 
  • Seven Hills Art ( will be available to assist with shipping questions when they arise.
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