Café la Balle
Donna TalericoCafé la Balle, 2021Work Size: 24 H x 36 W inMaterials: Acrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides From the Artist: For 20 years, painting french cafés and street scenes has been a passion. This one was found in the 11th arrondissement,...
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Donna TalericoExpedition, 201820 H x 20 W in, UnframedMaterials: Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.
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New Skyview
Donna TalericoNew Skyview, 202040 H x 40 W in, Unframed Materials: acrylic on canvas From the Artist: This original work was inspired by the clear sky (from lack of car emissions) seen during the pandemic.
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Rooftops of Paris
Donna TalericoRooftops of Paris, 202018 H x 36 W, UnframedAcrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides. My "Over-the-Rhône" studio at Pendleton shows many paintings of France from frequent trips.
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Donna TalericoExotica, 201924 H x 24 W in, UnframedMaterials: Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. From the Artist: Love this color combo.
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Chef Teaching
Donna TalericoChef Teaching, 202024 H x 30 W in, Unframed Acrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides. French kitchen scene.
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