Café la Balle
Donna TalericoCafé la Balle, 2021Work Size: 24 H x 36 W inMaterials: Acrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides From the Artist: For 20 years, painting french cafés and street scenes has been a passion. This one was found in the 11th arrondissement,...
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Afternoon in Chartres
Bill EagenAfternoon in Chartres, 201830 H x 40 W (in), UnframedOil On Canvas
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Cafe des Beaux Arts
Bill EagenCafe des Beaux Arts, 202020 H x 20 W (in), UnframedOil On Canvas
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Les Toits de Paris apres Van Gogh
Bill EagenLes Toits de Paris apres Van Gogh, 202024 H x 30 W (in), UnframedMaterials: Oil On Canvas  
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Rooftops of Paris
Donna TalericoRooftops of Paris, 202018 H x 36 W, UnframedAcrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides. My "Over-the-Rhône" studio at Pendleton shows many paintings of France from frequent trips.
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Chef Teaching
Donna TalericoChef Teaching, 202024 H x 30 W in, Unframed Acrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides. French kitchen scene.
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Christmas Barn 75
Carol AbbottChristmas Barn, 200716 H x 20 W (in), Unframed20 H x 24 W (in), FramedGiclee Print On Fine Watercolor Paper Of An Original Acrylic Painting The Swiss barn imagined decorated for Christmas with candles in each window that would...
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At Rest in Cobh Harbor
Irene PritchettAt Rest in Cobh Harbor, 20198.5 H x 11.5 W (in), FramedPastel On Sanded Paper From the Artist: Cobh Harbor is in County Cork Ireland and is the spot where many Irish immigrants sailed for America (including my mom!)....
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Cinque Terra Sorry To Leave
Angie Zimmerman-HaterCinque Terra Sorry To Leave, 20208 H x 8 W in, UnframedPastel on sanded paper From the Artist: Wonderful day in Cinque Terra! As we came home the sky was lighting up the fields as rain was coming in.
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Train Ride to Florence
Angie Zimmerman-HaterTrain to Florence, 2019Work Size: 8 H x 10 W (in)Framed Size: 16 H x 20 W (in)Materials: Pastel on Sanded Paper From the Artist: Caught the train back to Florence. The field was beautiful and lights from the small town...
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