La Drogerie
Donna TalericoLa Drogerie, 2022Work size: 24 W x 12 H inMaterials: Acrylic on canvas From the Artist: From one of my trips to France, this developed into art. I think it was the blue that got me. It has some inventory...
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Water Lilies II
Donna TalericoWater Lilies II, 2023Work size: 20 W x 16 H inMaterials: Acrylic on canvas gallery-wrapped sides 1.25" From the Artist: I've always loved Water Lilies. This is the second time I've painted them. The reflections gave me a blue tint,...
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Fish Market
Donna Talerico Fish Market, 2022Work size: 20 W x 30 H inMaterials: acrylic on canvas From the Artist I painted this from a scene viewed, on one of my many trips to France. Love the markets.
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Jewel Tones
Donna TalericoJewel Tones, 2022Work size: 24 W x 24 H inMaterials: Acrylic on canvas From the Artist: Jewel tones make the total palette. Rich and creamy. My subject matter is often France. This one is no exception. Two people are walking...
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Yellow Awning
Donna TalericoYellow Awning, 2021Work size: 36 H x 18 W inMaterials: acrylic on canvas From the Artist: My "Over-the-Rhône" studio in Pendleton Art Center displays many paintings of France from frequent trips there.
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Café la Balle
Donna TalericoCafé la Balle, 2021Work Size: 24 H x 36 W inMaterials: Acrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides From the Artist: For 20 years, painting french cafés and street scenes has been a passion. This one was found in the 11th arrondissement,...
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Rooftops of Paris
Donna TalericoRooftops of Paris, 202018 H x 36 W, UnframedAcrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides. My "Over-the-Rhône" studio at Pendleton shows many paintings of France from frequent trips.
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Chef Teaching
Donna TalericoChef Teaching, 202024 H x 30 W in, Unframed Acrylic on canvas. Gallery-wrapped sides. French kitchen scene.
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Cinque Terra Sorry To Leave
Angie Zimmerman-HaterCinque Terra Sorry To Leave, 20208 H x 8 W in, UnframedPastel on sanded paper From the Artist: Wonderful day in Cinque Terra! As we came home the sky was lighting up the fields as rain was coming in.
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Train Ride to Florence
Angie Zimmerman-HaterTrain to Florence, 2019Work Size: 8 H x 10 W (in)Framed Size: 16 H x 20 W (in)Materials: Pastel on Sanded Paper From the Artist: Caught the train back to Florence. The field was beautiful and lights from the small town...
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