Whats Happening
Chris ComteWhats Happening, 2021Framed Size: 24 H x 24 W inMaterials: Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas From the Artist: I am continually inspired by the garden colors of summer and the life that teems there.
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Wisteria in Bloom
Alleen Blesi ManningWisteria in Bloom, 2021Work Size:  14 H x  11 W inMaterials: Oil on Canvas From the Artist: Old Wisteria vine that beautifully frames the patio of an historic home in Indian Hill.
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Ault Park Springtime Sunset
Alleen Blesi ManningAult Park Springtime Sunset, 2021Work Size: 10 H x 10 W inMaterials: Oil on Canvas, Framed From the Artist: April sunset in Ault Park with pink blossoms of flowering Cherry and Plum trees framing the sky.
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Frolic in the Garden
Chris ComteFrolic in the Garden, 2020Work size: 36 H x 48 W inMaterials: Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas From the Artist: When I walk into the garden I am joined by all sorts of spirits, all enjoying their spot in this world....
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Cycle of Life
M. Katherine HurleyCycle of Life, 202036 H x 48 W in, Unframed Materials: Oil on Canvas From the Artist: Cycle of Life is a scene I saw in Colorado and the first painting of my Covid series. It embodies the...
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Studio 221 PhotographySolitude, 201524 H x 24 W (in)Photograph on Gallery Wrap Canvas Located on the east end of a farmer's field in a small Alabama town, this lone tree is reflected in a temporary pond created by the heavy...
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