Bridges to Glory
Joanne Honschopp Bridges to Glory, 2023Work size: 48 W x 24 H inMaterials: Acrylic on Canvas From the Artist: The Daniel Beard Bridge AKA The Big Mac Bridge shares the spotlight with a beautiful sunset over Cincinnati. The Ohio River...
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Lazy Hazy Summer
Lazy Hazy Summer, 2023Work size: 48 W x 36 H inMaterials: Acrylic on Canvas
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White Garden II
White Garden II, 2018Work size: 24 W x 30 H inFramed size: 27 W x 33 H inMaterials: Acrylic on CanvasFrame: Brown flecked, curved float,1.5 in wide From the Artist: Inspired by an English garden, this is a fantasy of...
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Immaculata Midnight Hour
Immaculata Midnight Hour, 2017Work size: 12 W x 9 H inFramed size: 15 W x 12 H inMaterials: Acrylic on CanvasFrame: Medium Wood float with 3/8 inch gold liner liner From the Artist: Immaculata Church atop Mount Adams in Cincinnati is...
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Covingtons Shinkle Row
Covingtons Shinkle Row, 2020Work size: 12 H x 12 W inMaterials: Acrylic on wood panel From the Artist: Historic Shinkle Row in Covington, KY is a lovely block of brick row houses, just a stone's throw from the Ohio River banks....
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